This Vaulted Bullion Service makes it easy for your Website Users to exchange some, or all, of their VAULTED BULLION ‘per gram’ for an alternative Metal Type. e.g. Gold to Silver.

The minimum amount that your website users can exchange is 1g (gram) of Gold to the nearest whole 1g (gram) of Silver at the prevailing Dollar value. When your website user enters an amount of grams of Gold or Silver to exchange, the suggested metal conversion that is displayed is rounded to the nearest full gram of Silver.

During the transaction movement of grams of Gold or Silver VAULTED BULLION moves between your website users Portfolio and your Business Portfolio.


This Vaulted Bullion Service GENERATES TWO (2) PROFITABLE REVENUE STREAMS for your Business

  1. You charge a % Metal Exchange FEE when the transaction takes place via the EXCHANGE METAL TYPE Website User Service.
  2. You charge Vaulting Fees for every Metal Type, so if this is an ‘additional’ Type of Metal to your website users portfolio, you charge an ‘additional’ % Monthly Vaulting FEE for the grams of VAULTED BULLION stored for the Website User. i.e. Vaulting Fee for Gold, Vaulting Fee for Silver etc…


The Website User can select the Metal Types that they want to Exchange ‘from – to’ on the EXCHANGE METAL TYPE page.


The Website User can see the SUGGESTED METAL CONVERSION to the nearest whole gram. If happy with the amount stated then they select the SUBMIT button to activate the exchange. 


The Website User can now see that the grams of each Vaulted Bullion metal type has been updated in their PORTFOLIO and the transaction is shown in the METAL EXCHANGE HISTORY.


The Website User can select VIEW to see and print off their service charges INVOICE.