This Vaulted Bullion Service makes it easy for any visitors to your Vaulted Bullion Website to easily purchase an attractive e-GIFT CARD to be instantly emailed to a friend who redeems it on your website.

The process is quick and easy:

The Buyer chooses a design and adds a personal message. (Helpful pre-made template messages are available to copy and paste). Then when the Buyer makes payment with a debit/credit card the e-GIFT CARD is automatically emailed to the Recipient.

When the Recipient receives the e-GIFT CARD, they open an account on your website and when they redeem the e-GIFT CARD the value is added to their wallet. They can now purchase VAULTED BULLION on your website.

The e-Gift Card Service has the added advantage of being self promoting through intelligent design, where your existing website users and visitors to your website, attract new Website Users to your Vaulted Bullion Website without the normal high cost of marketing to attract new customers.


This Vaulted Bullion Service GENERATES THREE (3) PROFITABLE REVENUE STREAMS for your Business

  1. You charge a % Buyer FEE when the e-GIFT CARD Recipient purchases VAULTED BULLION.
  2. You charge a % Monthly Vaulting FEE for the VAULTED BULLION stored for the Recipient.
  3. You retain the full value on the e-GIFT CARD if it is not redeemed before the expiry date that you set.


The Sender (Website User / Visitor) views and selects the e-Gift Card on the SEND AN E-GIFT CARD page.


The Sender enters details, message and value (£$€) on the E-GIFT CARDS page.


The Sender can copy and paste an e-GIFT CARD MESSAGE from this pop-up page.


The Sender pays by credit/debit Card and the e-Gift Card is sent by e.mail to the Recipient who then enters the E-GIFT CARD CODE to redeem their e-Gift Card on the ACCOUNT BALANCE page.